Frustrated With the Divorce Process?

The divorce legal process in California has become increasingly complicated with the numerous forms and disclosures that are required. Most people going through the California divorce courts represent themselves and have become confused with the complicated legal documents.
The judges and court clerks can’t give legal advice and only turn people away when they have the wrong forms or the forms aren’t completed correctly.
It was so easy to get married… but, it’s so difficult to get the paperwork processed for a divorce.

Why offers a series of Self Help online videos courses on the forms and legal process to get a California divorce DONE! You can work on the forms any time, day or night.
The courses are taught by a California Attorney and Comedian so that the information can be “somewhat entertaining.” While watching the self help courses online, the fillable forms you need to file and exchange will be accessible in real time to complete while you watch the video.
If you can get all the filings done, good… if you can do it with a chuckle here and there, BETTER!

Course Subscriptions:

You can subscribe to our Self Help courses for a flat fee and view them any time day or night during your subscription period. You will have full access to the Self Help Instructional videos and forms to work on during the entire subscription. This allows you to watch the video and complete the forms at your own pace.
If you need more time, we offer an extension to the original subscription period at a VERY reduced rate.